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PRP Stem Cell Therapy Information You Should Know

PRP stem cell therapy procedures are one of the more modern options that many patients may choose to utilize. Due to this being a relatively new treatment option, there are some key facts that patients may need to review to gain a better understanding of this potential option.

There Is A Range Of Problems That May Be Treated Using PRP Stem Cell Therapy Procedures

A major reason that PRP stem cell therapy has gained prominence is the fact that it can be a versatile option that will be able to treat a variety of conditions. One of the more common conditions that will be treated using PRP stem cell therapy is chronic joint issues. In particular, arthritis is also an issue that patients may be able to alleviate through the use of PRP stem cell procedures. This process will utilize a person's own stem cells to help promote healing for many different types of tissue damage. While a person may be concerned about the pain involved with removing these stem cells, this is a simple process as these cells can be taken from fat deposits that will be in areas that are easy to sample.

PRP Stem Cell Therapy Can Be A Minimally Disruptive Procedure

PRP stem cell therapy will typically be administered through a series of injections. This can allow the stem cells to be administered to the impacted area. Additionally, these procedures will be minimally invasive, and most individuals will find that they will have little to no downtime following this procedure. In some cases, mild swelling may occur, but this can be easy to manage with ice and over-the-counter medications. For the first few days after the procedure, a patient will want to avoid strenuous exercise or other activities so that the stem cells will have time to bond to the surrounding tissue.

Patients May Need To Give The PRP Stem Cell Therapy Procedure Some Time To Show Results

PRP stem cell therapy can be extremely effective as it will greatly enhance and supplement the body's natural healing abilities. However, this process can take some time to reach its maximum effect. Depending on the area being treated and the severity of the damage, a patient may find that it could take weeks to months for this process to be complete. In some cases, additional injections may be required in order to achieve the desired effect. A series of follow-up visits will allow your recovery to be monitored so the doctor can assess the need for additional injections and schedule them to have the maximum effect.