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Coronavirus Tests For Home Usage

Coronavirus testing is an important part of a responsible self-care plan. If you will be attending a social function, you may have reason to begin the testing process. Rapid results are possible, with the use of an "at-home" test. 

Test Acquisition And Criteria

Coronavirus tests that can be used at home can be purchased from a pharmacy or a retailer. Government facilities and health departments may have a supply of tests that the public can request. Tests that are acquired from a non-retailer will be free. If someone is feeling sick, they should consider testing themselves for coronavirus immediately. If someone has spent time around someone who has tested positive, the individual who was in contact with the positive person should test themselves.

A person who has been infected with the coronavirus may or may not be experiencing symptoms. If someone will be traveling or spending time in a social setting, they should consider testing themselves for the virus. Each testing session that is conducted may provide a person with the reassurance or proof that they are seeking. For instance, if someone is going to attend a public function and test beforehand, they may discover that they have been infected.

This will prompt the person to avoid spending time in public until they are no longer infected. If a positive test has reflected upon one's ability to spend time in public, a secondary test will need to be conducted. The secondary test should be taken several days after the first one. A negative test result will mean that a person is eligible to resume social activities.

Test Use

Coronavirus testing that is conducted at home requires the use of a nasal specimen. Test kits contain a nasal swab and a liquid solution. The test instructions will inform a testee to wash and dry their hands, prior to handling the testing materials. A nasal swab will be enclosed in a sterile wrapper. Upon opening the wrapper, the handle of the swab should be manually gripped.

The swab will need to be pushed into the nasal cavity, as far as it will reach. This process can be a little bit uncomfortable but is essential in acquiring an accurate test result. The swab should be removed from the nasal opening and placed inside of the solution immediately. An antigen is a foreign substance or toxin that triggers the production of antibodies. Upon testing a nasal specimen, an end-user will receive a positive or negative result that will indicate if coronavirus antigens have been detected.