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Ways Bioidentical Hormone Therapy Helps Men Emotionally And Physically

Body hormones are essential for every person, both male and female, as they help their bodies operate and stay strong for years. However, most people end up with lower hormone production as they age, a problem that may cause emotional and physical damage in many men. As a result, it may be necessary for those with serious symptoms to get help with bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

Loss of Hormones May Impact Many Men as They Age

As men age, they — like women — naturally produce fewer hormones in a way that can be quite distressing. For example, many men may find themselves developing feminine traits as their hormone levels drop, such as higher voices, smaller genitals, larger breasts, and a higher concentration of fate on their hips and their waists. They may even experience emotional troubles that make life very difficult.

This situation is one that few men want to admit and may try to ignore for as long as they possibly can. Unfortunately, there's a good chance that real, long-term changes may develop that could take them years to overcome, if they ever do. For example, they may experience heart damage related to low hormone levels, a problem that bioidentical hormone therapy may help many men avoid completely.

Ways Bioidentical Hormone Therapy May Help

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy utilizes synthetic hormones that are biologically the same as a man's normal hormones. They are carefully introduced to a man's body in a controlled manner, allowing him to adjust to the different reactions that they may cause. For instance, a man with larger breasts and a high voice may notice that these changes become slowly less apparent throughout treatment.

And they may also find that they experience fewer emotional changes and sudden mood swings as a result of their higher hormone levels. Regular tests from treatment specialists will ensure that these levels are balanced properly, allowing an individual to slowly acclimate to the demands of their life and have a healthier and safer level of hormones present throughout their body at all times.

Typically, this type of treatment must be done over an extended period, utilizing a myriad of different tools and techniques to make it easier to synthesize these hormones. Just as importantly, this method can be adjusted throughout this period, cutting back on how many replacement hormones must be used, allowing a person to decrease the length and seriousness of their treatment plan. Reach out to a professional who provides men's bioidentical hormone therapy to learn more.