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Tips For Using A Cold Laser Device On Your Dog's Arthritic Joints

If your dog suffers from joint pain due to arthritis, one treatment that could help manage their symptoms is cold laser therapy. You can buy a handheld cold laser device for pets, also known as a red light device, at a medical supply store or from an online retailer. They're becoming more available recently, and many pet owners have found them helpful. Once you have the cold laser device in-hand, here are some tips to help you use it to ease your dog's arthritis pain.

Get your dog used to the device first.

Some dogs will be a little apprehensive around the cold laser device at first. You don't want to have to wrestle your dog into submission while you are using the laser. So, a good way to start is to simply get your dog used to being around the laser before you even turn it on. Sit next to your dog, and rub the cold laser device all over their body while you feed them treats. For a couple of days, have the device with you whenever you and your dog sit and relax. When the dog no longer seems to notice or react to the device, then you can use it for the first time.

Start with a 5-minute treatment time.

Check the box that your cold laser device came in, and see what the recommended treatment time is. For the first couple of sessions, though, it is best to keep the treatment time to a few minutes. This gives your dog a chance to get used to the device without them having to sit still for quite so long. After a short session or two, they'll realize how much better the laser makes them feel, and then they'll happily sit for a full session.

Apply the therapy after the dog has been up and moving for a little while.

The best time to use the cold laser device is early in the day after your dog has been up and walking around a little. You want them to have been up and moving a little, if possible, so you can know their heart is pumping and their blood is flowing. This will help ease inflammation out of the joints after the laser treatment. You do, however, want to treat them early in the day so they can enjoy feeling more comfortable as they go through their day.

Cold laser therapy can take dogs a little time to get used to, but once they realize how good it feels, they can reap the full benefits. Take advantage of this simple arthritis management protocol today.