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Concussion Vision Therapy: What Is It and Is It Effective?

Head injuries can cause issues with vision. Depending on the severity of the impact, a person might sustain a concussion or other types of traumatic brain injuries. Blurred vision, a decrease in peripheral vision, and double vision are the most common issue associated with a head injury. However, in severe cases, a person may lose sight in one or both eyes.

There are treatment options for those suffering vision issues after a head injury. Doctors can recommend traumatic brain injury vision therapy for patients having vision problems.

What Is Concussion Vision Therapy?

Vision problems after a head injury require special medical care. Traumatic brain injury vision therapy is used to retrain the patient's eyes to eliminate visual symptoms caused by a concussion. The doctors offering concussion vision therapy are specially trained to diagnose and treat these patients. They assess and diagnose vision issues. The special then prescribe a vision therapy individualized to the patient.

How Long Do Vision Issues Last?

The length of time it takes patients to recover after a concussion depends on the person and the severity of the symptoms. In mild cases, post-concussion symptoms last about 10 days but may last as long as three months. In more severe cases, problems may last up to a year or more. The goal of the doctor treating a traumatic brain injury is to manage symptoms effectively. If the vision problems last more than six weeks, it's not likely the vision issues will resolve without some type of traumatic brain injury vision rehab.

How Serious Vision Issues After A Brain Injury?

Head injuries that include both mild traumatic brain injuries and even whiplash can cause a condition known as Post Trauma Vision Syndrome (PTVS). Patients with PTVS have issues with their eyes working together effectively. They may complain of headaches or migraines and have a difficult time sustaining attention. Some traumatic brain injuries can cause permanent damage to the optic nerve if severe enough. Those suffering from head trauma often have numerous intracranial lesions that affect the optic pathways. This can lead to bilateral vision loss in severe cases.

What Types of Treatment Options Are Available?

Along with traumatic brain injury vision therapy, there are other treatment options patients may receive such as prism glasses, eye patches, and lens filters for glasses. Some specialists prescribe a treatment plan that includes multi-disciplinary therapies to ensure they get to the root of the vision problem.

After a brain injury, the patient should report any vision issues to their doctor. This way the treatment can begin early so that the patient has the best chance to save their eyesight.