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How Reconstructive Surgeons Can Help Women with Asymmetric Breasts

The breasts are one of the most defining physical elements of a woman's appearance and often influence her emotional health. Unfortunately, breast size imbalance, also known as asymmetry, can trigger emotional troubles that may make a woman feel very unhappy with herself. Therefore, it is essential to consider reconstructive surgery as a way of managing this issue.

Breast Asymmetry Can Be Upsetting

Breast asymmetry is a common problem that may occur in a broad range of women. The causes vary but are often congenital or triggered by genetics. For example, a woman may have a mother who had asymmetric breasts or come from a family where this is common. Whatever the cause, this unbalanced look can trigger a surprising array of emotional troubles that can be hard for a woman to handle.

For example, a woman may have low self-esteem because people tease her about her asymmetric breasts. Or she may experience anxiety based on how others perceive her or other emotional troubles that center on the appearance of her breasts. Thankfully, there are ways of managing this issue using reconstructive surgery to manage the physical aspects of this trouble and provide a woman with a chance to recover emotionally.

Ways Reconstructive Surgery Can Help

Reconstructive surgery isn't just a cosmetic treatment method that helps improve a person's facial appearance. It can also be used to perform a myriad of other care options, such as balancing the size of a woman's breasts. This treatment takes tissue from one of the breasts and other parts of the body to enhance the size of the smaller breast or decrease the size of the larger one.

The choice here depends on the woman's wants and what her doctor thinks is best for her. Some women may want to decrease the size of their breasts due to back pain and other issues. Others may want to increase the smaller one to ensure that they have firm breasts. Whatever option they pick, the surgeon will carefully remove and replace tissue to ensure that the breasts are the same size.

In this way, a woman who has lived with unbalanced breasts can feel better about herself by no longer noticing this problem or having it pointed out to her by others. As a result, she can begin the process of emotional recovery and focus more on the good parts of herself, such as her emotional strength, kindness, and professionalism at her job.

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