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What You Should Know About Getting A Vasectomy

You've had your kids, and it's time to settle into your lives and raise those babies. If you've decided you aren't having any more kids, one option is to have a vasectomy. A vasectomy is a simple in-office procedure that doesn't take a lot of recovery time, unlike a hysterectomy, which is a major surgery. If you are considering a vasectomy, make an appointment with a urologist today. Read on for further information about getting a vasectomy.

Most Insurance Companies Cover This Procedure

Talk to your insurance company prior to your procedure to be sure it is covered. Most insurance companies will cover this procedure, but you may need prior authorization first. You'll also want to be sure the physician you go to is in your network, and find out what your out-of-pocket cost is going to be before you go in for the procedure.

The Procedure Is Done In-Office

This is a quick procedure you can have done on your lunch break. It's done in-office and you aren't put under anesthetic. A local anesthetic may be used to numb the area, but you are awake for the procedure. 

The Procedure And Recovery Time Are Quick

The procedure and recovery time are fairly quick. The procedure itself takes less than an hour, and the recovery time is usually only a few days. You may feel tenderness or some soreness after the procedure. You may also feel some discomfort afterwards as well. You can take an over-the-counter pain medication to help ease the pain, or use an ice-pack to help ease the pain as well. 

The Procedure Is Effective

This procedure is effective in preventing pregnancies, but if you don't listen to your physician's advice, you could end up with an unplanned pregnancy after all. You still have sperm after your vasectomy and you need to get rid of this sperm that is stored. This means you'll need to use another form of birth control to prevent an unplanned pregnancy. Condoms or birth control pills are going to be necessary for at least a few months after the procedure. You can go to your physician's office to check your sperm count after your procedure to be on the safe side.

The Procedure Is Reversible

If you change your mind later down the road, your procedure is reversible. It isn't 100% effective,  but there is a significant chance that the procedure can be reversed and you will be able to produce sperm again. 

If you are done having children, and are thinking about the next step, talk to your physician about having a vasectomy.