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What To Look For In A Weight Control Program

Dealing with weight control concerns is a task that many people turn to professionals for help with. The industry has never lacked for offerings, and that makes finding a weight control services provider something of a challenge. How do you determine whether one might be better for you than another? Here are four tips for finding one you can be comfortable working with.

Reasonable Promises

While specific guidelines for weight control aren't set in stone, you'll want to enter into a program that keeps the focus on your health rather than attempting to drive down one number as fast as possible. Most medical practitioners discourage cutting energy intakes to less than 1,200 calories per day, and a gradual process of losing no more than two pounds of weight per weak. If a weight control services provider is promising more than this, you should be concerned about the legitimacy of their claims and their commitment to your health.

Weight Loss Isn't Everything

Fixating on a number, like total body weight, can have a number of shortcomings. First, converting fat into muscle mass is an inherently good thing, even if you achieve zero weight loss. Second, at some stage in the process, you'll hit a number that you'll want to maintain.

A good program should include a long-term plan that allows you to maintain the weight you want. In one study, only 30% of participants who hit their weight loss goals were then able to maintain their results for at least 18 months. Do not overlook the control side of weight control when you get to the maintenance stage.

Establishing Fitness Goals

Working toward specific fitness goals will help you do a better all-around job of improving your health. These goals should include working to get your key health stats down, starting with your blood pressure. You can also focus on things like body-fat percentage, cholesterol levels, and resting heart rate. If you intend to improve your overall fitness, don't be afraid to ask about programs aimed at doing things like shaving minutes off your mile running time too.

Building a Program

When you sit down with a professional to discuss weight control, they should be interested in building a program for you. A sign of quality on a weight control services firm is avoidance of one-size-fits-all solutions. Meet with a professional and get a sense of how the program will be customized.