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What To Expect During A Physical Exam And Why It's Important

Physical exams are not something that most adults get, but they should. Kids are taken to their checkups and exams each year as instructed, but as we age, we don't take healthcare as seriously. The older you get, the more health concerns you may have, which is why having regular exams and checkups are so important. Read on for what you can expect during a physical exam and why it is so important to have them.

What To Expect During A Physical Exam

Your physician is going to check and go over a number of things during your physical exam. 

  • Family History. Your physician is going to go over your family history, so if you aren't sure about your family's medical history, you may want to discuss this information with another member of your family to get more information. You want to know about mental health problems, heart, lung, and other issues with major organs, and any diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer's, dementia, or other medical concerns.
  • Vitals. Your physician is going to check your vitals, such as blood pressure and heart rate, as well as listen to your heartbeat and your lungs. Your physician is going to ask you to breathe deeply to hear your lungs better.
  • Appearance. Your physician is also going to take a look at your general appearance. He will look at your eyes, skin, and ears, and examine how you stand, walk, sit, and speak. Your overall appearance can give him some clues to what may be going on with you, or your overall health.
  • Further Tests. If your physician notices anything unusual or hears anything in your heart or lungs, he may order further testing. You may be ordered to take a stress test, lung or heart X-rays, or further testing such as blood work. Be sure to go in for these tests to rule out any health issues.

Why Physical Exams Are Important

Physical exams are important, as they can catch health issues before they become a bigger problem. Catching health problems ahead of time means you can get treated for these conditions before it's too late. Some conditions, if left untreated, can lead to death or irreversible damage that may not be able to be cured. 

You should see your physician every year for an annual physical checkup, especially if you are over the age of 40. You should go in sooner than that for regular checkups if you have a long family history of illness and disease. Make an appointment today for your physical exam.