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Tips For Reducing Senior Fall Risks In The Home

If you have an aging family member who is currently receiving senior care services at home, then you want to make sure the home environment is as safe as possible. This means doing everything in your power to make sure that fall risks are reduced. If you want some tips on how to minimize fall risks, keep reading. 

Remove Rugs

Inside the home, anything that is elevated off the floor is considered a fall risk due to the ability of your loved one to trip over it. And, this does include rugs. In fact, slipping, bunched, and loose rugs are one of the most significant fall risks. So, make sure that all rugs are removed. If a rug is thin, then you can add a non-slip pad to the bottom of the rug to ensure that it cannot bunch or move. However, you should check on the rug often to make sure it remains stable. 

Also, you can add non-slip mats to the home like the rubber varieties used in some stores. These can actually reduce fall risks by adding a textured surface to areas where individuals are likely to fall. Mats in bathrooms, in front of kitchen sinks, and in wet basements are a good choice. Mats should not be added to stairs, but you should add grip and texture by adhering flat, stick-on tread covers. These covers feel like sandpaper on the top surface, are no more than a few millimeters thick, and stop your loved one's shoes from slipping when walking up or down the stairs.

Install Bars

Many seniors fall in the bathroom when they are bathing or using the toilet. Typically, there is not anything for the elderly to grab onto in these areas of the house. So, make sure that you add some grabbing leverage with grab bars. 

The best bars are ones that can be added directly to the studs of the wall. Try to avoid any suction cup varieties as these can actually increase fall risks when they pull loose. 

Wide and long bars provide the best assistance in a variety of different positions, and these bars work well when fitted with textured coatings. Smooth metal and plastic bars can be quite slippery and may actually lead to falls. 

In addition to the bars, bathroom falls can be reduced by adding adequate lighting. While soft lighting is pleasant in the room, it rarely offers enough illumination for seniors. Bright white light bulbs or more intense LED lights can be added to the space or you may need to install a few more fixtures if there simply are not enough.

Contact a care service, like Polish Helping Hands, for more help in making your loved one's home a safe place.