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Spouse Keeping You Up At Night Due To Snoring? 3 Treatment Options To Help Them Stop

If your spouse is keeping you up at night because they snore, this can get very frustrating for you. Your spouse may not even know they are snoring. Fortunately, there are snoring treatment options available to help them stop snoring, three of which are listed below.

Change Sleeping Positions

Snoring is worse when lying on your back. If your spouse sleeps like this, changing their sleeping position may be all they need to do.

Because it will be difficult for your spouse to stay off their back, there are things you can do to help with this. For example, there are t-shirts that have a tennis ball sewn into the back. Your spouse will not be able to roll over onto their back if wearing this t-shirt. There are several positional devices that you can also purchase for your spouse. One type of device wraps around your spouse's waist and is secured with Velcro. The device has a wedge on the back that prevents your spouse from rolling over. You can purchase this device and others online or through your spouse's doctor.

Clear Congestion

If your spouse has allergies, they may be congested much of the time. If so, they will have a nasal obstruction, which leads to snoring. To help with this, ask your spouse to see a doctor that specializes in allergies. The doctor can first determine what your spouse is allergic to and then prescribe the proper medication to them.

Using nasal saline sprays and rinses can also help keep the nasal passages clear from congestion. You can purchase these sprays and rinses over the counter. Your spouse can also use a neti pot along with saline water.

Use A Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Device

Another treatment option is using a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) device while your spouse is sleeping. This device delivers a steady flow of air to prevent vibration and collapse of the nasal tissues. In most cases your spouse's insurance will cover the cost of this device.

A CPAP device uses a machine that has a small motor. It runs on electricity, but there are also devices that run on battery. The machine takes in air from the room, filters this air, and then generates the air through the CPAP machine. When using the machine your spouse will wear a mask that will cover either their nose or mouth. This mask has a tube that is attached to the CPAP machine. The air is delivered to your spouse's nose or mouth through this tube.

It is important that the right air pressure is used with CPAP machines. Because of this, your spouse's doctor may do a sleep study to determine the right air pressure settings.

Your spouse should talk to their doctor to learn much more about this information.