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3 Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Residential Addiction Treatment Program

If you have decided to finally get over your drug addiction and are checking yourself into an inpatient rehab facility, you may still have concerns about whether or not the treatment will help you. If so, use the following tips to help you get the most out of your residential addiction treatment program.

Participate in Group Therapy Sessions

Shortly after you arrive at the center, you will find that there are group therapy sessions scheduled throughout the day. Some groups will meet on a daily basis, while others may be scheduled certain days of the week. 

Even if some of the sessions are not mandatory, try to attend at least one of each to see if they may help you. Once you find groups in which you feel comfortable, participate as much as possible.

Ask questions, listen to stories to which you can give feedback, and tell your own story. Not only will listening to what other people in the program have gone through help you sort through your own problems with addiction, but they also give you a voice to express yourself to others to work through your issues.

Keep a Daily Journal

Along with attending and participating in group sessions, you should also seriously consider keeping a daily journal. In this journal, you can express your emotions, tell your story, and even take notes on techniques you have learned that may help you once you leave the treatment program.

You can also use your journal as a place to write down what you want to talk about with your inpatient therapist during your next appointment. If you are having thoughts that are troubling you, having the therapist read what you have written can give them some insight on your struggle and help them direct your therapy sessions.

Be Honest with Your Therapist

When you are speaking with your therapist during your one-on-one sessions, the most important thing to remember is to be honest when you express how you are feeling. If you are struggling with withdrawal or even had thoughts of using again, make sure you tell them.

Your therapist can only help you if they know what you are going through. If you are tempted to relapse or are having strong negative feelings, keeping them to yourself robs you of getting the help you need.

While you are going through drug rehabilitation, you can increase your chances of success by being a full participant in your treatment program. If you still feel lost or need further guidance, speak with the therapist at the residential addiction treatment service for personalized advice.