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Dealing With Asthma? 4 Ways To Avoid A Flare-Up This Winter

If you have asthma, the winter months can be particularly difficult. The cold air can really dry your lungs out. Not to mention the fact that you need to have the heater running non-stop inside your home. To avoid asthma flare-ups, you need to take special precautions. Here are four important steps you should take to avoid an asthma flare-up this winter.

Say Yes to the Flu Shot

If you haven't gotten your flu shot yet, you need to take care of that as soon as you can. When you suffer from asthma, an annual flu shot is your first line of defense against a flare-up. That's because the a bout with the flu can make an asthma flare-up that much worse to deal with. Be sure to opt for the shot version of the vaccine, rather than the nasal spray version. The nasal spray version contains the live virus, which can increase your risk of an asthma attack. Also, don't forget to add the pneumonia vaccine to your list of winter vaccinations.

Reduce Exposure to Fireplace Smoke

If you have asthma, exposure to smoke can dry out your lungs, and bring on a serious attack. You probably know to avoid second-hand cigarette smoke, but you also need to avoid smoke from fireplaces. It's particularly important that you don't sit right next to the fireplace, or where the smoke is blowing directly towards you. This safety measure holds true when dealing with fire pits or camp fires, as well.

Add Some Moisture to the Air

If you live in a region where the bitter cold requires you to have your heater running throughout the day, you need to add some additional moisture to the air. Heaters dry out the air, which is particularly harmful for people with asthma. You can get around the dry air by installing at least one humidifier in your home. For maximum benefits, you should have one humidifier in the living room, and another one in your bedroom.

Fill Your Prescriptions Before You Travel

If you're going to be traveling, be sure to fill your prescriptions before you leave – even if you think you have enough to last. You never know when you'll need an extra puff from your inhaler. If you don't have a fresh supply of medication, you could run out, which increases your risk of an emergency situation.

Don't take chances with your asthma this winter. Use the tips provided here to help you avoid a flare-up. You should also start the season off with a visit to an asthma clinic, like Allergy & Asthma Centers SC.