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Had Back Surgery And Now Addicted To The Pain Medication? 2 Tips To Help You

If you had back surgery, there will be pain after the surgery and during your recovery. Because of this, your doctor will prescribe you a pain medication, also known as an opioid. This type of medication works well and helps you get through your recovery. These medications can also be addictive, however, especially if you take them for too long. If you have become addicted, you need to seek treatment immediately. Below is more information about why opioids cause addiction and treatment options available to you.

Opioids and Addiction

Opioids not only help with pain, but they release cells that also release signals to an area of your brain that makes you feel pleasure. If you are taking a low dose of your pain medication the chances of you becoming addicted lessens. If you are at a high dose, however, the feelings of pleasure increase.

Opioids will start to slow your breathing, which will then slow down your heart rate. If you do not seek treatment if you are experiencing these two symptoms it could lead to death.

Talk with your doctor about getting off the medication early if you start to feel even a little bit of pleasure. The doctor will wean you off the pain medication slowly, so you do not have a lot of withdrawal symptoms.

Addiction and Treatment

If you do not get off the pain medication early and become addicted, there are many treatment options for you. One of these options is to visit a treatment center that works with patients that have this type of addiction.

When you find a treatment center, they will first put you through detox. This will remove the drug from your body. This is dangerous, so it is important to never detox at home on your own. Some symptoms you will have during this process includes:

  • Intense cravings for the pain medication
  • Stomach pain
  • Large pupils
  • Body aches
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Extreme yawning
  • Diarrhea
  • Chills
  • Body aches

The doctor will prescribe medications to counteract these symptoms to help you get through the process easier and quicker.

Once the detox process is over you must continue treatment. This is because your addiction at this point is far from over. If your addiction is extreme, the treatment center will suggest you stay with them 24/7. This will ensure you do not start using the drug again once you leave the center. If your addiction is milder, the treatment center will have you come in a few times per week for therapy sessions. During this therapy you will be taught how to handle ongoing symptoms, as well as tips on resisting the drug once you finish with your treatment.

Finding a good opioid withdrawal treatment center will greatly increase your chances of getting off this pain medication.