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Starting Medical Marijuana: 3 Tips For Selecting The Right Combination Of Products

When you start using medical marijuana, the options can be overwhelming. In addition to trying different strains of marijuana, trying different types of products can help you find the right combination that eases your symptoms throughout the day and night.

Start With Rapid Onset Products

Since everyone is different in their experience with medical marijuana, it is easier to determine if you will have any benefits by first selecting a product with a fast onset. Sublingual and inhalation are the most rapid methods to get medication into your bloodstream. Tinctures, drops, and oils are common forms of sublingual administration. You drop the recommended amount under your tongue and hold it under your tongue for 30 seconds to a minute before swallowing the product. Since you also swallow the products, there will be additional delayed effects. People who choose inhalation as their preferred method generally use a vaporizer, which may come in different flavors and emits water vapor when you exhale. Inhalation causes a more rapid onset than sublingual products.

Fill In The Gaps

Once you can determine which products are most effective for your needs and the appropriate dosage, you may want to integrate other types of products that have a more sustained effect. Pills and edible products, such as gummies, have a delayed effect, but may remain in the bloodstream much longer. These administration methods are also helpful if you need discreet methods of using medical marijuana or have a medical condition that benefits from lower, but sustained doses of the product. Topical products can also help if you need intermittent help with breakthrough pain in a specific area.

Develop A Regimen

Just like any other treatment, it is important to develop a regimen. In the beginning, it may take a few days before you build-up enough of the product in your bloodstream to reach consistent therapeutic levels. Ideally, you would take a tincture or similar product in two or three doses throughout the day for fast relief of symptoms and some latent effects. When you take your tincture, you may also want to take the delayed-onset product of your choice so it can begin working between doses of your tincture. For people who are comfortable with vaping, this can be used throughout the day to improve comfort or to handle additional or breakthrough issues. Timing your products so you take a dose of a longer-lasting product before bed can keep you comfortable throughout the night and promote restful sleep.

Trial-and-error is necessary to find the right products and route of administration for your needs. Talking with a professional at a medical cannabis patient center or dispensary can guide you on the right product selection.