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Signs You Need To Be Tested For Allergies

An allergy is an irritant that your body has a reaction to. An allergy can be food, plant, pet, or odor-related, or it can be a combination of different allergen triggers. It's often hard to diagnose just what allergies you have unless you get tested by an ENT specialist to determine what allergies trigger you.

Should you get tested for allergies? While this type of allergy treatment isn't always necessary, sometimes it's best to know what is making you feel so sick or tired all the time. Here are signs you should get tested for allergies. Your ENT, or ear, nose, and throat specialist, will be able to give you simple skin tests to see which allergens are affecting you.

You are sick more often than not

Do you always feel nauseous, tired, or weak? Is your nose always stuffed up, or your eyes always red and irritated? Allergies can wreck your comfort and make you feel ill much of the time, causing you to miss out on work, school, family activities, and other things.

Or, allergies can be potentially dangerous. Food allergies, in particular, can cause facial and throat swelling, rashes, hives, or other reactions that can be dangerous if you don't know how to treat them. If you are sick more often than you're not and you're concerned about allergies being the cause, your first stop should be to an ENT to get tested. Once you have pinpointed what is making you ill, you can learn how to keep your allergies at bay.

You are not responding to home treatments

Your home treatments, such as keeping windows closed, using over-the-counter medications, drinking immune system-boosting tea, and other remedies, may help your allergy symptoms temporarily, but you've noticed the effects don't last. You're tired of the headaches, sinus pain, red eyes, and other issues related to your allergies, and you want more permanent, predictable relief.

Your allergy treatments may not be working because you don't know what you're really allergic to and keep exposing yourself to your allergens without realizing it. If you want to really be able to treat your allergies, you have to recognize the symptoms and treat them effectively. The only way to really know what you're allergic to is to get tested by an allergy specialist, who is often an ear, nose, and throat specialist. You can make an appointment with an ENT to gain control over your allergy symptoms and find relief.