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Avoiding Problems With Your New Hearing Aids

Without the use of hearing aids, individuals that suffer from hearing loss may have their quality of life severely impacted. When a patient first receives their hearing aids, they will often be at something of a loss as far as caring for these sophisticated medical devices.

Protect The Hearing Aids From Being Crushed

Being crushed is one of the most common sources of major damage to hearing aids. This can occur from stepping on the hearing aids, sitting on them or placing heavy objects on top of them. Investing in a hard and durable case for the hearing aids will help to reduce this risk when you are not wearing them.  However, you will need to be diligent about promptly placing these devices in these cases if you are to fully protect them.

Replace The Batteries As Soon As The Hearing Aid Indicates They Are Low

When the batteries in your hearing aid start to run low, the hearing aids will sound an audible alert to warn you of this problem. Once this alert has sounded, you may still have many hours before the batteries completely fail. However, you should avoid delaying replacing these batteries. Promptly replacing the batteries in it can prevent the batteries from completely failing while you are using these devices. In addition to being embarrassing, a sudden hearing aid failure can also be a safety risk if you are driving or doing other activities that require all of your senses.

Clean The Hearing Aids Every Day

A failure to keep the hearing aids clean is another frequent source of performance problems. Keeping hearing aids clean will require you to tend to them at the end of every day. This will not require much time as you will mainly just need to wipe off any materials that have gathered on the hearing aids. However, skipping this work can allow these substances to harden and bond to the hearing aid, which can make them far more difficult to effectively remove.

Prevent The Hearing Aids From Being Exposed To Large Amounts Of Humidity

Moisture damage is another leading cause of hearing aid failure. While you may be aware of the need to avoid wearing these devices when swimming or bathing, you may be placing them in environments with high humidity, such as the bathroom while you bath or near humidifiers. This can allow condensation to collect on the hearing aids, which can then seep into the interior and damage the internal electronics of the hearing aid.

Contact a hearing aid maintenance service for more help.