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The Struggle Of A Sinus Infection: What Can You Do To Get Relief?

Dealing with a sinus infection is difficult. If you have experienced some of the different symptoms of the infection over the past few weeks, such as congestion, a nose that will not stop running, and even head pain, you probably want to know when the sinus infection is going to go away so that you can get relief and no longer need to feel so uncomfortable. While the infection is commonly caused by a virus, there are times when allergies start to trigger a sinus infection. You will need to meet with your primary care doctor to find out if allergies could be the cause of your discomfort while also getting some advice on how to properly treat the condition to get relief.

Take a Prescription Antibiotic

If you visit with your primary care doctor, he or she may send an antibiotic prescription to the local pharmacy for you. However, it all depends on the type of sinus infection you have. If the infection is caused by allergies or a virus, the antibiotics might not help. In that case, the doctor would likely give you a referral to meet with an allergist. Antibiotics are commonly prescribed to treat sinus infections when they have solely developed due to a buildup of bacteria.

Use Steam at Home

A simple way to get relief at home is to use the steam in your shower to easily open those nasal passages, especially if you feel like you have been unable to breathe through your nose over the past several months. Simply set the water to a warmer temperature, keep the shower water running, close the bathroom door, and then sit or stand in the shower while soaking up all the steam. Aside from opening the nasal passages, the warm water could make you feel a bit more comfortable.

If you do not feel like staying in the shower for too long, you can always boil a pot of water and then carefully put your face over the water to allow the steam to open those nasal passages within minutes. If you do this regularly, you may no longer feel nearly as congested as you did beforehand.

A sinus infection is often annoying to deal with. You may feel congested or your nose may be running from one or both nostrils. Most sinus infections will eventually go away on their own. However, if you have had the infection for a few weeks and are not getting any relief, you should start doing steam treatments at home while making an appointment to visit your primary care doctor. Depending on the type of infection you have, you could end up getting a prescription for an antibiotic or a referral to see an allergist for testing.